This graphical Python shell appears to be an excellent tool for interactive Python use, possibly supplanting IPython. From the announcement:

* Has whatever you would expect from a graphical Python shell -
attribute completion, tooltips which show how to call functions,
highlighting of matching parentheses, etc.
* Fixes a lot of IDLE nuisances - in DreamPie interrupt always works,
history recall and completion works as expected, etc.
* Results are saved in the Result History.
* Long output is automatically folded so you can focus on what's important.
* Jython and IronPython support makes DreamPie a great tool for
exploring Java and .NET classes.
* You can copy any amount of code and immediately execute it, and you
can also copy code you typed interactively into a new file, with the
Copy Code Only command. No tabs are used!
* Free software licensed under GPL version 3.

Plus numerous other useful features highlighted on the website. My biggest gripe so far is that it uses Ctrl+Up/Down instead of simply Up/Down to go back through command history; maybe that’ll become configurable.

NB: I have no connection to this at all; I just think it looks good.

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